Welcome to home insurance for Floridians, by Floridians. Welcome to the Family.

As Floridians ourselves, we understand the unique needs of property owners in our state, because we've probably needed them ourselves at one point! And while other insurance companies may take a more hands-off approach, we do a bit of the opposite - helping you at any and every stage you need us.

You may not "speak the language" of home insurance - but we do, and we don't think you should be left in the dark. In addition to resources to help you deepen your understanding of home insurance in general, here are some resources to stay prepared before an extreme weather event, what to do while one is happening, and how to respond afterwards.


Home Insurance 101: Determining your home's value

Get the facts on how much it would actually cost to rebuild your home. When you purchase Florida homeowners insurance to protect your home, it’s...

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Home Insurance 101: Understanding coverages and limits

Especially in a disaster-prone state like Florida, insurance is essential — but that doesn't mean it should be complicated. Understanding your...

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