Rental Property Insurance

Protect your Florida rental property

Whether your rental property is an investment or your primary source of income, it’s important to protect this valuable asset. Rental property insurance is available for single-family residential rentals as well as rental properties with one to four units, excluding condominiums – for which condo insurance is available.

Planning for the future means preparing for the unexpected. Our standard coverage protects your dwelling from all losses other than what is specifically excluded in your policy, and reimburses you for any lost rental income at the time of a covered loss.

We offer a variety of flexible coverage options to ensure you’re fully covered. Your Agent can customize a policy to fit your unique needs and budget, evaluating factors such as whether your property is a short-term vacation rental or a long-term lease, your property’s location, its age, and condition.

Best of all, you can add, and pay for, only the coverage you need – amending your policy if your occupancy or financial situation changes.

A few of the many additional, optional coverages to consider:

  • Personal Property. Coverage for your personal possessions located in the insured residence in the event of a covered loss.

  • Premises Liability. Coverage for claims filed against you as a result of accidental injuries to others and/or unintended property damage caused by you.

  • Medical Payments. Pays for actual medical expenses incurred by others for injuries sustained on your property.

  • Replacement Cost on Contents. Enables you to replace personal property damaged by a covered loss with new property at today’s market cost.

  • Theft Coverage. Replaces your personal property due to theft.