Condo Insurance

Protect your Florida condo

As the owner of a condo unit, it is important to protect your valuable investment and all of the personal belongings it contains with a condo insurance policy. Condo insurance bridges the gap between your condo association’s master insurance policy, which only covers the structure and exterior of the condo building, and your unit’s property and liability protection.

The condo insurance you need depends on many factors, including whether it’s your primary home or your seasonal escape; the value of your belongings; the extent of interior enhancements; and other important considerations. Your Agent will customize a policy for your unique needs, at the best value possible.

Our standard condo coverage protects your condo from 16 separate causes of loss ranging from lightning to vandalism, civil commotion, aircraft and motor vehicle damage, and more. Our policies also provide liability and medical payments coverage, extend to rental condos, and protect against risks associated with your uninsured neighbors.

Condo insurance would protect you in each of these scenarios:

  • Your upstairs neighbor forgets he’s left the sink running in his kitchen and leaves for work. The ceiling in your condo collapses, and you must replace your cabinets, carpet, ceiling fans, and appliances.

  • Your home is burglarized and your TV, computer, and brand new bicycle are stolen.

  • A repairman slips on a wet floor in your house and is seriously injured. He files a lawsuit against you for medical fees.

  • A group of teenagers vandalizes the clubhouse at your condo complex. As a result, you receive an assessment from your condo association for $2,000 to repair the damage.


Depending on your unique circumstances, it may make sense to add additional coverage for increased protection of your home and personal property.

A few of the many additional, optional coverages to consider:

  • Special Personal Property. Substantially broadened protection at and away from the condo.

  • Replacement Cost of Personal Property. Property limits based on the estimated value of your cherished possessions.

  • Water Back-up. Losses associated with blocked water or sewer lines.

  • Condo Rental to Others. Accommodating 3-day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual rentals.

  • Increased Special Limits. For protection of valuable items including securities, jewelry, furs, money, or silverware.

  • Increased Special Limits. Coverage for expenses you may incur if your condo is damaged and you need to move out during repairs.