Before the Storm

Every Florida resident should have a hurricane plan in place well in advance of hurricane season.  Here are some tips to help you prepare.

It is important to assemble an emergency kit and acquaint family members with its contents and location, to include:
-Portable radio and supply of batteries
-First aid supplies
-Important medications
-Flashlight and supply of batteries
-Supply of non-perishable food
-Bottled water
-Non-electric can opener
-Change of clothes, blankets and sleeping bags

Closely monitor hurricane and tropical storm advisories.

If a hurricane is approaching, cover windows with permanent shutters or purchase plywood. Plywood should be cut, fitted and securely fastened to each window and door.

Clean and sanitize bathtubs and fill them with water.

Fill your car’s gas tank for evacuation purposes.

Set your refrigerator to the coldest setting and avoid opening the door.

Bring outdoor furniture indoors or tie it down securely.

Stay clear of areas with windows, skylights and glass doors.

Collect your bank information, ATM card, driver's license and insurance information. Place these items in a safe area and don't forget to take them with you if you leave your home.

Have an extra supply of cash on hand.

If you have a video camera, take a video of your home and personal property to document your belongings prior to any damage.

Notify friends and relatives of where you plan to be during the storm.

Lock all doors and windows. If you are not evacuating, move to a small interior room such as a closet or bathroom.

Disconnect propane tanks and small appliances.

Make certain your pets are in a safe and secure area.