After the Storm

Here are some tips for you to follow immediately after a storm.

Watch for downed electrical lines, unsafe structures, and snakes. Wear thick soled boots or shoes. Don't walk through standing water.

If your home is damaged, contact your agent or our claims department at (888) 486-4663. If you are not able to make contact right away, please be patient. We have a catastrophe plan in place, and will answer your call and have someone start processing your claim as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that it often rains for several days after a storm. Take necessary precautions to protect your home from further damage, such as covering the roof and any broken windows or glass with plastic. Move any valuables to a secure area.

If your home is not habitable, be sure to keep receipts for any emergency expenses, including temporary repairs, housing, meals, and other expenses.

The National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center,, is a good resource for additional information.