Lightning Safety

Summer is the most dangerous season for lightning here in Florida, the lightning capital of the U.S. Do you know how to stay safe from lightning? Here are some tips:


Go inside when you hear thunder

Find a house, building, or a car with a solid roof

Stay inside for at least 30 minutes after you last hear thunder or see lightning

Use surge-protected outlets and power strips in your home

Have a complete lightning protection system (LPS) installed on your home to prevent lightning fires

Unplug expensive electronics from the wall

Provide immediate medical treatment is someone near you has been struck
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Retreat to dugouts, sheds, pavilions, picnic shelters, or other small structures

Use or touch electronics, outlets, corded phones, or windows

Shower, take a bath, wash dishes, or use any other water source

Stick with a group or another person if stuck outside

Swim or be close to bodies of water

Go under or near tall trees

Stand near metal objects such as fencing, bikes, golf carts/clubs, or machinery

Lie on the ground

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