Homeowner basics

Insurance Basics

Educate yourself on your property coverage and limits.

Understanding your Florida homeowners insurance policy can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We want you to clearly understand the coverage you need, so that you and your assets are fully protected. Florida Family policies have both standard and optional coverage, and we understand your needs are unique. Visit our homeownerscondo, and rental property pages for more information on the different policy types, and the standard and optional coverage available for each. 

Contact a Florida Family agent to help customize a policy for you that provides coverage for your specific needs. Your independent agent will guide you through the entire quoting and application process, and may even find ways to save you money.

Understanding your Declarations Page

The information you provide and coverage limits you choose will be displayed on the declarations page of your policy, which will include:

  • Effective and expiration dates
  • Premium
  • Policyholder name(s)
  • Coverage limits
  • Location address
  • Deductibles

Your Florida homeowners insurance policy will also include forms and endorsements, which further explain the coverage, exclusions, and conditions of your policy, such as:

Special limits that are included for specific items such as scheduled personal property 
What is not covered under your policy, and the situations under which that coverage is excluded
Conditions of your policy, which include your responsibilities in the event you experience a loss (e.g. protecting your property from further damage)

Finding a Florida Family agent will help you make informed decisions when choosing the coverage you need to protect your home.