Rental Property Insurance

Rental Property

Customized insurance for your Florida rental property.

If you own a home that you rent to tenants, Florida Family has a dwelling policy that can be customized for you. It starts with coverage for the replacement of the building and offers options to include any property you own and personal liability related to the rental property.

With a thorough understanding of our state’s insurance demands, Florida Family Insurance can help you find the perfect rental property insurance customized to your exact needs. This policy is available for homes with one to four rental units. Condominium rental properties have coverage available through a condo policy.

Whether you wish to rent your property to short-term vacationers or have longer-term leases, we have an option that will work for you on weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual rentals.

Rental property insurance coverage from Florida Family is designed to meet your unique insurance requirements and protect you from unexpected events. An agent in your area will help you design a policy customized to protect you.


Standard Coverage

Rental Property
Protects the dwelling from all losses other than what is specifically excluded as listed in the policy.

Fair Rental Value
Reimburses you for any lost rental income at the time of a covered loss.

Optional Coverage

Florida Family is able to offer you more flexibility, and possible savings, based on how your property is being used. You can add only the coverages you need, so you only pay for what you want.

Personal Property
Provides coverage for your personal possessions located in the insured residence in the event of a covered loss.

Premises Liability
Coverage for claims filed against you as a result of accidental injuries to others and/or unintended property damage caused by you.

Medical Payments
Pays for actual medical expenses incurred by others for injuries sustained on your property.

Replacement Cost on Contents
Allows you to replace personal property damaged by a covered loss with new property at today's market cost.

Theft Coverage
Replaces your personal property due to theft.

Policy Discounts

We offer a number of Florida rental insurance discounts designed to help you lower to cost of your premium:

  • Provides a discount for newer properties that have been built to stronger building standards, with the most significant savings applying to properties built to the current building code.
  • Earn an automatic discount if the exterior walls, floors, and roof of your property were built with noncombustible materials.
  • Provides a discount when the property is protected by fire alarms. A higher discount applies when the alarm is monitored by an alarm company.
  • Discounts apply if your property is located in a community that participates in the BCEG program, and was constructed after the community joined the program.
  • Provides credits for properties that have been built or updated to meet stronger building codes, such as the installation of approved storm shutters. A wind mitigation inspection may be required.
  • Provides a discount for structures that have a roof shape where the ends and sides of the roof slope down to the wall.
  • Provides additional credits if fire sprinklers are installed throughout the property.
  • Your choice of a higher deductible, the amount of money you are responsible for paying in the event of a claim, will reduce the price of your property insurance.